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Drive It Like You Stole It

I did this video as a project for my broadcast tech class. After learning about 6-word stories we were given the task of picking 6 words and then storyboarding out the 6 shots. This was really cool because I normally just shoot on the go when I see a good shot. This made me think differently about the video because I had a full plan of the shots I wanted. This allowed me to tell a story in a different way than I normally do. This video also pushed my audio effect skills. I spent more time just on sound effects than on editing the actual video. Overall I had a lot of fun with this project!

Shot 1 – The first shot starts with a CS then transitions to an MS to help add to show you where the character is.

Shot 2 – This shot tracks the character from a WS into a CS to emphasize the bike starting.

Shot 3 – A transition leads into an MS then circles the character introducing the chasing vehicle.

Shot 4 – The next shot is from the back of the truck and is a WS. As the bike speeds past it making a seamless transition of the bike passing the truck.

Shot 5 – This is a Pov shot from inside the truck that has effects to look like a dashcam.

Shot 6 – As you hear a helicopter coming into the audio the shot goes to an aerial view of the truck and the bike speeding off

Some critiques I have are I should have stayed as a tight shot on the bike before the zoom. This would allow for a better zoom out transition. This is because the way it is doesn’t seem to change much and makes the transition feel misplaced. After Re-editing the video I am a lot happier with the result. Having faster cuts keeps the viewer’s attention while still telling the story.

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