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Manley Feinberg

Business marketing concentration with a minor in entrepreneurship 


Musc By Masses LLC. – CEO

2020 – Present

Ceo of a tech startup looking to revolutionize the music industry. We have secured funding and are in the process of developing the first version of the application.

Vertical lessons, St.Louis — Video Editor

2012 – PRESENT

Improve the brand image and recognition of Vertical lessons inc. Create interesting, informative, and valuable,  videos to promote the brand.

Livn Legnz, St.louis — Ceo/Founder/Social Media Manager

March 2017 – PRESENT

Started a successful clothing and lifestyle brand centered around people that aren’t afraid to stand out.

Clayton Valet, St.Louis — Lead

September 2018 – August 2019

Managed teams of 2-3 valets, Provided superior customer service to customers. Provided clear communication between managers and my teams.


Ladue, St.Louis, Mo — Highschool 

2015 – May 2019

Was active in my high school program DECA, was a team captain on our ultimate frisbee team, started multiple businesses including a few clothing brands that did quite well. 

Colorado State, Ft.Collins, Colorado — Business

August 2019 – PRESENT

Currently, I am an executive officer at SigEp fraternity. I am working on growing our chapter by adding new members. I am also working on developing my startup.


  • Natural Leader – Executive position at SigEp Fraternity, team captain in high school sports.
  • Team Building – head of recruitment at SigEp
  • Big thinking and Problem solving
  • Creative / Think outside the box 


  • Currently, I have over 10 Instagram accounts with combined influence of over half a million a week.
  • Have started and marketed multiple profitable companies.
  • Created videos that have to lead to tens of thousands of dollars in leads. 

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