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What I learned on my first planned production

A few weeks ago I decided to do a shoot like I haven’t done before. I started by planning a storyline in my notebook, this included the shots, a team of people, and the locations. I wanted to shoot a video in cement land which is an abandoned building in St.louis City. After a few days of planning and asking around I put together my team. This is when I learned my first tip COMMUNICATION is key. Some times its hard to keep multiple people moving and working how you need them to in order to complete your goal. After we arrived on location the police alerted us that we would be charged with trespassing if we entered the gated off the factory. This is when I learned tip 2, don’t be afraid to go against the plan. I was forced to improvise, so we went to downtown and shot a cool video near the graffiti wall. If I would have gotten caught up trying to stick to the plan then I wouldn’t even have a video. While there was lots more that I learned from this shoot I feel that these are the most important things to remember.

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