Class Feedback

I really enjoyed this class. From learning how to use the broadcast room and equipment to learning interview technics it has really moved me along as a video creator. I really liked everything about this class my teacher pushed me to stick to the guidelines which I normally don’t have. At first, I was slightly upset […]

Interview an Expert

While working on my Interview an Expert project I learned tons of new things. Starting with setting up the interview I learned the importance of good communication and using exact times and dates. I also learned the proper camera set up for an interview. Everything from camera placement to framing the shot correctly. While I […]

Drive It Like You Stole It

I did this video as a project for my broadcast tech class. After learning about 6-word stories we were given the task of picking 6 words and then storyboarding out the 6 shots. This was really cool because I normally just shoot on the go when I see a good shot. This made me think differently […]

Six word story research

I am very interested after researching six-word stories. It’s crazy that a story can be told with only six words. By using a low amount of words it allows the reader to use their creativity to assume and fill in the rest of the story.  One example that I like is here Creativity truly shines […]

Tv studio blog entry #2

Working in the tv studio was a new experience for me. Throughout my time creating and editing videos the nicest studio I have worked in was my basement that only has a green screen with some lights. Working in a full equipt broadcast studio was a really cool experience. From working behind the soundboard to being the director it […]

TV studio blog entry #1

So far I have learned many things about live video production. From learning how to run the teleprompter to queuing up videos it was fun learning all the processes. I have never been in as nice of a studio as we have here at Ladue High School. Having access to such advanced technology as only […]

I Am Video

[embedyt][/embedyt] This video is about my summer trip. Follow me on my adventures from Utah to Yosemite California rock climbing and to Mammoth paragliding over the Sierras. I love this video because it captured some of my best memories from over this summer. With every video I make I get better at my edits. […]